International Conference on Electrical, Electronics & Computer Science (ICEECS)

Start Date 2018-11-11 End Date : 2018-11-11
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

International Conference on Electrical, Electronics & Computer Science (ICEECS)

Paper Submission Prospective authors are invited to submit original unpublished full-length papers must be written in English only through Electronic Submission System, with up to six pages for technical content including figures, tables and references. The paper should be prepared according to the Full Paper Template. Presenters are expected to submit the abstract of speech for peer review.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Punchline : Electrical, Electronics & Computer Science (ICEECS)
Short Name : IISTEM International Conference
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Start Date : 2018-11-11
End Date : 2018-11-11
Address : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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