18th Asian Colloquium in Nephrology

Start Date 2019-07-19 End Date : 2019-10-21
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

18th Asian Colloquium in Nephrology

Kidney disease is on the rise in many parts of the world, including Asia, leading to a high incidence of End-Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD). With a diverse population, the care of chronic kidney disease patients in Asia is challenging. The 18th Asian Colloquium in Nephrology is the best platform for discussing, sharing and collaborating for Asian kidney disease care providers. We aim to enhance the quality of care for Asian kidney disease patients through this meeting. This Congress will feature renowned clinicians from all over Asia, who will share, discuss and debate new developments and controversial topics that will impact our daily practice.

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

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Start Date : 2019-07-19
End Date : 2019-10-21
Address : Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
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